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Welcome to Raw Clarity! A blog about living the raw food lifestyle. I’m a Swede raised in the U.S. and have spent a total of 20 years in this country, hence why I choose to write in English – so, shoot me a comment if there is anything you do not understand.

I began eating raw for health reason, but ended up enjoying additional benefits – one of them being clarity. When you don’t clog up your body with junk, your thoughts make more sense, and your mind sees life in a clearer light.


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  • hej! otroligt fint att ha en raw food- blogg här i aftonbladet! kan du berätta mera om dig själv (vad jobbar du med?) och kanske visa oss din kök! :)vad äter du för frukost, lunch, middag och kvällsmat?tack för en underbar blogg och kram från norra finland!

    r. 2011-05-22 16:57:44
  • Skulle du kunna dela med dig av fler goda och enkla recept på raw food som du brukar köra med? Har surfat nätet men tycker ofta recepten är både dyra och krångliga att fixa …

    EVELINA - SKRIVER SKRÄCKROMAN! 2011-05-15 00:09:26
  • Hi there,I stumbled across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed what I read. Keep up with the good posts, I am going to start following this blog….. I am a nutrition/health junkie, in my junior yr in pursuit of my BA in nutrition. Follow me on twitter if you’d like, I’ll add you back.@nicoledeleasa

    Nicole 2011-04-22 20:54:38
  • Hi, for some funny reason I stumbled on to your blog page & I am enjoying every bit of it. Great to be able to read about something other than clothes & makeup which we tend to spend enormous amount of money on and eventually end up eating something quick AND unhealthy.After watching Food Inc I was stunned and had to watch it again to really remember the details of it all. The truth about the food we eat is not disclosed from the food industry due to many reasons but that doesn’t mean we as consumers need to be blind and careless. We as consumers have the power to change things in the market!!!!!!I am sure to follow you on this trail often as I can and you are doing a great favour to many with all this info though you are based in US.Keep up the good work & all the best with the blog!!!

    Mimmy 2011-04-13 10:43:05
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