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I’m very into Natalia Rose’s book Emotional Eating S.O.S. right now… She has a few rules she recommends everyone living the raw food lifestyle to follow. These rules will help you stay focused… leading to a healthy body!

Prepare, prepare, prepare, especially for restaurants and social situations. Do not make excuses such as “Oh, I was just so hungry” or “That’s all there was at the ball park” or “The salad didn’t satisfy me so I picked at everyone else’s plates.” The best way to prevent such excuses is never to go to a restaurant starving. Have some carrots or other crudite (perhaps with a yummy dip like homemade guacamole) or cabbage-and-goat-cheese wraps, olives or other favorite vegetable-centric snack to take the edge off your hunger beforehand. Restaurants and social events are rarely designed to serve your highest good or ensure complete nutritional satisfaction, particularly if you have a big appetite. Know yourself; know what you like; know where you’re going (go online and read the menu or call). Don’t be afraid to take a few things along with you, like a baggie packed with extra baby greens, goat cheese, avocado, lemon, stevia, carrots, and chocolate. That’s what I do! Too embarrassed? Get over it. This is your life. Social programming is what got you into this mess of emotional eating; don’t let it prevent you from getting out of it. I’d rather draw a few sideways looks or even critical comments than sacrifice my sovereignty. If people think you’re too difficult, you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd. Preparation ensures satisfaction,” (Emotional Eating S.O.S., page 55). 


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