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Good Morning… Stopped by Juice Generation this AM for a bright green juice. Why drink green juice? Well… one of the main reasons is that your body can easily absorb the nutrients and without the fiber it goes deeper into your cells. The second reason is that it serves as a natural vitamin and mineral kick, containing a long list of the essential ones such as vitamin A, C, B(s), Folate, Iron, Potassium, etc.



My new obsession is John Masters Organics!! Purchased a conditioner and lotion from the brand in Denmark this weekend and immediately googled them when I landed in New York. Turns out they have a salon here (yep, already booked my appointment). They have an organic (hence the name) line of haircare and skincare products that are absolutely divine. The philosophy behind the brand is based on respect for the earth and body. It has no chemicals and synthetics! (hallelujah). I strongly suggest investing in a product or two…

Watch this video for more info – Click here



Want healthy, full, glossy hair? And not just that, do you want it to grow faster? Here are principles that drive hair growth according to Tonya Zavasta:

“A sound raw food diet will give you the best possible nutritional advantage for growing healthy hair fast. Be sure to include… true hair helpers such as seaweed, greens and raw nuts. These deliver minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids, providing the rich protein hair needs. Stock up on leafy greens and get in a serving of soaked raw nuts or seeds each day. A mineral-rich raw food diet is your best bet for building strong healthy hair from the inside.”

“And why does hair need stimulation? In fact, it’s the scalp that needs it, and the reason is blood circulation. You want to bring increased blood flow to the hair roots, delivering nutrients and encouraging new cell development. Healthy blood is very important, but delivering it is vital—especially for those hard-to-reach places where it’s needed most. How can you achieve this effect? The most obvious way is brushing your hair diligently with a brush or a comb. You can also massage the scalp with your fingers.”

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