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Hey everyone, my name is Aminata and I’ll be guest-blogging here while doing the Arise & Shine cleanse. One can choose to either do a 14-day or 28-day cleanse. This summer I did 28 days, so now I’m trying 14 days. After many years of experiencing trouble with my stomach, I finally started to get things back in order after doing this cleanse. Can therefore highly recommend it since it’s the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my health! So how does it work? Basically one eats alkaline forming fruits and vegetables in addition to a daily intake of herbs (Chomper and Herbal Nutrition), shakes (Bentonitie and Psyllium Husk), and Flora Grow.

Hope to inspire you all! Aminata



”No foods are forbidden except when your body tells you so” – Lima Ohsawa

Most of us just eat with our eyes, and forget to ask our bodies what they want. Learn to listen – the body will tell you what it needs by giving clear signs – sense of fullness, headaches, rashes, bad breath, poor bowel movement, tummy aches, etc.

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