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Want to put an end to your destructive patterns of emotional eating? Good… I have the book for you… Below is the introduction to Natalia Rose’s Emotional Eating S.O.S.! booklet available here. Life changing…

Introduction to Emotional Eating S.O.S.!:

“Unless we’re talking about a pie-eating contest or being force-fed by an overzealous Italian mama, overeating and emotional eating are clearly synonymous. Yet strangely, as the huddled masses dig their graves with their teeth (to borrow from an old French proverb), the causes of and solutions for emotional eating are droned out by the dietary white noise of weight loss fads and fuzzy nutritional science.”

“Needless to say, the popular approaches to health and diet are profoundly misguided. If the very fabric of a garment were inexplicably deteriorating, would a needle and thread do any good? Not remotely! Similarly, there is no quick medical fix for reversing the deterioration of our emotional and physical structures. The illnesses and disorders that run rampant among us today call for much more than modern medicine. We cannot begin to heal until we begin with a paradigm of wholeness.”


“When one lives in opposition to life, the organism attempts to self-destruct. In the same way that an autoimmune disease is an event of cells attacking one another, emotional eating is also a self-destructive action—it’s an autoimmune disease of the emotional body that uses the physical body and food as vehicles of expression. In both cases, they are occurring because of unnatural living.”

Whether emotional or physical, all disease, at its core, is caused by living in opposition to Natural Laws. “You cannot break the Law,” one wise teacher, Doreal, emphasized. “You can only break yourself against the Law.” This is precisely what most of us are doing today as we manifest myriad symptoms of deterioration. If we don’t make life-generating choices, we cannot expect to radiate life-generating qualities.”

“Let’s face it, no other species in the known history of the planet appears to have an overeating problem, much less need to be briefed on appropriate levels of consumption (of calories, nutrients, meals, and so on). Until the civilization of our species, food consumption has only ever been instinctual and uncomplicated.”

“So why now? Why does our species need this kind of guidance now? Because we have lost touch with our intuition around food due to utterly unnatural living. Modern cultural wiring, corporate motivation, and governmental agendas either dismiss or perhaps fail to ponder the factors that have warped our natural instincts around food—instincts that have kept us surviving, evolving, and thriving for millions of years. Why? I suppose because such considerations don’t suit them. What suits them is for the masses to espouse the bovine herd mentality that avoids personal responsibility.”

(Source: Emotional Eating S.O.S.!, page 7-9)

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