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Lots of changes are taking place in my life at the moment. All for the better, but despite the positive outcomes to come, it can still be difficult to accept them all – especially at once. To get some clarity, I went to see my beautiful spiritual teacher Meggan Watterson yesterday and boy am I happy I did… She pointed me the in the direction of surrender. I’m such a ”perfectionist,” typical Virgo, and love to control everything. She told me it was time to let go, and surrender to what is to come. The universe has my back, it has your back too and wants the best of intentions for us all.

With this post I wanted us all to surrender to thoughts and behaviors that do not serve us, that no longer contribute to our highest putrpose, and to trust that it will all work out, work out better than we could imagine.

I will use the tool of mediation to let go of the past, still my mind, and receive messages that are meant to guide me in the now.


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