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Here is the thing, we need both solubale and insoluble fiber since they serve different purposes for the body.

So first of all, fiber cannot be digested by human enzymes and ends up in the colon. So why do we need it? It promotes healthy gut function by stimulating peristalsis (muscles of the colon), it increases transit time (get it out quick), promotes healthy gut flora, reduces cholesterol & colon cancer, and helps maintain weight.

Soluble Fiber: absorbs water and helps build the feces. Found in oats, fruits, beans, seaweed, pectin.

Insoluble Fiber: does not absorb water, increases bulk of stool and speeds it up so it gets out of the body fast. Found in wheat, rye, vegetables.


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  • Hi again,My partner’s asthma did improve over the week he did the raw food to 100% however he has introduced meat, fish and dairy in his diet again due to that he felt tired and his body responded with a BIG need of protein I think. So cant really say if the raw food it has a long lived effect on asthmatic people but I believe it has.We live in Manly, just outside Sydney, and people here are very fit and healthy conceaus which also reflects in the offe of great food and fresh produce. We have a few organic cafe which also have a little shop where you can buy a lot of different and (for me) new products. The only thing I miss is the Kelp Noodles and the nutritious yeast. Online would be the way to get that.Plenty of juice/green smoothies bars and the fresh fruit and veg are SO delicious! We don’t have a lot of books though. Hard to find material to read up on the raw foods but I guess Internet will do.Have you ever been here? You would fall in love with it I think, just as I did!Have a good day and it would be wonderful to see more of your weekly, home making meals. All the best!Emma

    Emma 2012-05-07 11:27:43
  • Hi Emma, Excited to hear that you have started your raw food journey! Don’t worry about being 100%… do what is best for your body. Are there a lot of good options in Australia?How is your partner’s asthma?So glad that you like the blog… 🙂 Have a great Sunday!Love,Filippa

    Raw Clarity 2012-05-07 02:18:33
  • Hi Filippa,A few months ago my partner and I did a raw food cleanse for a week. As we have always been very active and training at an elite level this week was not to loose weight or anything like that, more of a fresh start for the winter months (we live in Australia) that are knocking on the door.My partner has also got mild asthma and was curious to see if raw food could improve it. A week went quick and we both only struggled a little bit on the third day but stuck to the planned menu. I am now hooked!!! It has improved my skin already and it’s amazing how much more food tastes when eaten raw! So we do 85% raw (fish one day a week and yogurt sometimes) You have inspired me to a great way of living and this post (fibre) is really great reading material. Educational and food for thought.Keep blogging and keep up a good spirit, love to read more!Tack tack, Emma

    Emma 2012-05-07 01:37:51
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