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We’ve all said the phrase, ”I need to go on a diet” (most of us at least)… Some of you may have opted for the Aktins Diet, while others went straight to the Cookie Diet (yes it exists). There are so many out there right now, yet none of them really work. Why? Because you loose temporary weight, which you usually gain back.

We don’t change our bodies with force, deprivation, punishment, or guilt. And upcoming events, for ex. ”my sister’s wedding” or ”my birthday,” won’t create long lasting health either…

So what is the key to a strong, balanced and healthy body? Well the number one thing, is dealing with your emotions and pain. Feeling and releasing them, instead of pushing them deeper and deeper into the cells of your body. If you do so, they will only float up to the top and resurface again and again…. and again. And you will only comfort yourself with more and more food, followed by punishment, with less and less food. Evil cycle as you can see.

Geneen Roth had it all – from anorexia to bulimia to emotional eating, to binging – you name it, she had it. BUT today she is free from all of that. Instead she deals with her feelings, follows her intuition (eating by listening from the body, not mind), and lives by the guidelines below. If you try the guidelines, don’t make these guidelines rules, be kind and flexible with yourself. Discover what your body REALLY needs… discover that their is more to life than eating.

1.) Eat when you’re hungry

2.) Eat sitting down in a calm environment

3.) Eat without distractions (No TV, no books, no iPhone, nada)

4.) Eat with enjoyment and pleasure

When you constantly focus on food, you are not focusing on the issues that need you the most. Can you imagine what your life would be like if food was just healthy fuel and not a 30 minute convo in your head? ”Should I eat the bagel? How many calories is in that? How much exercise would I need to burn it all off? Is a whole wheat version better? How will it make me feel? I think I need the bagel regardless, etc.”

If your body size and food are always on your mind, try to figure out what the real problem is? What is food trying to express? Get a piece of paper and a pen and ask/answer these questions.

What part of your life do you not want to be living? How do you feel about yourself? What’s really going? What physical emotions do you have in your body right now? How can you change?

For more help Order Geneen Roth’s books…


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