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Love healthy leaders that step out and make a change, that lead by example and make it easier for the rest to follow… in this case I’m referring to Isis Holm, the refreshing looking woman in the images above and the face behind Ecoist in Stockholm. If you haven’t already heard all the buzz about her store, listen up! Cause there is a raw goldmine right in the middle of city. Asked her some simple questions and received very informative answers that I think you’ll find helpful. Read and get inspired…

Interview with Isis Holm founder of Ecoist:

1. What inspired you to open Ecoist?
I wanted to create a store that I would like to shop in myself! Where you could buy “pure” supplements that do not contain unnecessary additives, where there was good healthy food, coffee and snacks. The goal is to get people to see how much fantastic, healthy, food you can eat and that it doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming.

2. What does a daily meal plan look like for you?
My morning starts with a filling smoothie. That is quick, taste good and gives me many healthy ingredients! Right now my favourite is: 1 orange, frozen raspberries, ½ avocado, 3 table spoons raw hemp protein, 1 table spoon manuka honey, a shot of kombutcha and some water.
For lunch I eat one of Ecoist’s food boxes, either a vegetarian option or meat/fish with vegetables. I eat varied food, but never food grains containing gluten or milk.
In the middle of the day I have a freshly pressed juice with lots of green vegetables, depending on what season of the year it is, and sometimes I’ll treat myself with a bit of raw chocolate with that.
On my way home in the evening, I eat a cooked egg and some nuts, and at home a healthy filling salad or a cooked dish that I bring back from Ecoist.

3. What are you top three health foods/products?
1) Extra virgin  2) Coconut water and coconut fat 3) kombutcha drink, and raw hemp protein if I can add a forth.

4. Favorite healthy tip?
I believe that the most important basis for health is to remove sugar, chemical additives, food grains containing gluten and processed cow milk products. This is “food” that we only had for a short period in human history, and that we are not at all genetically suited for.
Quality of food is also key, i.e how the animals have lived and vegetables been farmed. Then it is of course quite individual which type of food suites different people. Personally I feel best from a mix of raw-food and low-carb which consists of vegetables, berries, algaes, lentils, legumes, wild rice, fats such as coconut oil, butter and olive oil, and meat/fish.

Store Address: Ecoist Hälsobutik, Sibyllegatan 51, 114 43 Stockholm


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