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Yes it’s true, I started off as a full 100% raw vegan about 5 years ago, but realized that I’m happier when I’m not so strict with myself. Therefore, I eat about 90% raw now and leave 10% open for other fabulous vegan dishes such as the one I made below for dinner tonight. Everyone is different and should do what feels right for them… I admit it’s nice to have something warm in your body during these colder months.

At the end of the day, it is about eating natural organic produce that the body recognizes and knowing where your food comes from…

Cut up yams, red onions, and brussel sprouts, and drizzled olive oil, celtic sea salt, and rosemary on top. Delicious!


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  • Wow, 90% raw food is really great! It’s important to feel what is best for you and your body, Looks really great, thanks for superfab raw food inspiration!

    Spoteopathy 2012-11-02 14:18:00
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