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Yesterday was one of those perfect New York days. Attended a ”yes-I-needed-this-info-and-inspiration” kind of lecture, followed by lunch at Blossom with my RedLady Alessandra Mikic (light-filled Hungarian beauty), then a stroll from uptown to downtown with good music blasting on my iPod, and lastly a solo dinner at Gobo in West Village. Oh and Season Five of MadMen.

But returning to the morning… The lecture held by Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Thomas Lodi at the Meta Center was focused on cancer. Something most of us are not a fan of… but you might like the tips that they suggested for both preventing and reversing it. Oh you heard me, it can be eliminated and healed with the right tools. And not those frightening ones from the conventional white coat doctors.

Cancer is a tap on the shoulder from life saying, hello the direction your going needs to change. It’s a wake up call. This can apply to several areas of your life – marriage, job, eating habits, daily stresses, thoughts, etc. Here are the simple pointers that I picked up from the lecture, if you want more in-depth information visit the Hippocrates Health Institute website or pick up a copy of ”Stop Making Cancer” by Dr. Lodi. Ok so basically 60% of us are dehydrated, we all need to drink water in half of our weight in ounces per day. This also brings more oxygen to the body… We need to make sure we have the nutrition needed to sustain the daily workings within, the best source for this is obviously raw, un-cooked food from Mother Earth. And get moving! But I’m sure you heard that one before 🙂

The mental portion is a big part of it as well. What you’re thinking you manifest. And the negative thoughts and past experiences can get stuck, literally, in your cells.

Exercise: Create a affirmation, a positive sentence about something you want in your life and say it every morning (or as many times as you want). Ex. My body is vibrant, healthy, and glowing from the inside out!! The Universe has to give you what you ask for… it’s the law of attraction.

A personal story by Lisa Quinn…


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  • Tack för att vara en sån inspiration och upplysande blogg, skuta aldrig att blogga!
    Man mår vekligen bra när man läser din blogg samt alltid lär sig nått 🙂
    Du är en fantastisk människa!!!

    Hälsningar från Israel

    Sandra 2012-11-18 19:05:00
    • Svar på Sandras kommentar.

      Thank you Sandra. These types of comments really inspire my own journey.

      Sending you lots of love to Israel. Stay safe. xx

      filsve 2012-11-19 18:40:00
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