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Have you ever noticed people that inhale their entire plate in one swoop? Or are you one of those 5-minute-clean-the-plate peeps? There are two reasons for conscious eating and slowing down at the dinner table – the first being digestion. There are important components to this process that start in the mouth, so chewing is actually importante.

The second is simply the full enjoyment of a meal. Do you take time to be grateful for the food? Do you thank it for its nutrients? Does your food share your attention with the TV, Elle Magazine, or your iPad? Be present when you eat, make your daily meals beautiful rituals, not just a burger on the go.

Also, give your tummy time to say, ”Ummm I’m full now.” This will happen within 20 minutes regardless of the amount.

Be in the moment when you eat, and if you cannot thank your food for it’s vitamins and minerals, you’re eating the wrong thang babe. Time to make some changes!


Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday is a new amazing series focused on enlightening your spirit. Yes, finally someone speaks about this subject in mainstream media. Love it. Anyways, listen to some of my favorite young teachers give some tips on how to be more spiritual and connect with your gorgeous soul. My favorites are be grateful for what’s in your life and asking yourself ”how may I serve the world?” xx

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