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Need a miracle? Well what is it? It’s a shift in perception from love to fear. It’s when we begin taking action based on love, when we choose loving thoughts, when we give kindness to ourself and others, when we forgive, when we give thanks, when our words are based on love, and anything along these lines. It’s when we stop judging, let go of fear (of the past and future) and focus on now. When we choose love over fear, the Universe takes notice and begins to help you on the right path – it begins to send you miracles. Life does not need to be a struggle, it’s not supposed to be; you are meant to be happy.

Start living a life beyond your wildest dreams. And get some inspiration from Gabby to kick life in to high gear today. I’ve posted this video before, but just love the engery it excudes.


You are the guru. The power is within you… Don’t look outside for answers, go inside yourself. Meditate, even for 5 minutes in silence, and if the answers don’t come to you right away, rest assure that they eventually will – when the timing is right. Have faith in life and remember that the Universe has your back. It doesn’t want to see you fail.

If you need guided meditations simply search YouTube for one that you like or download a few short ones from Gabrielle Bernstein (itunes).

Image created by Katie Dalebout.


Been waiting for a workout/nutrition book like this – with equal focus on both parts. Cause you can’t have one with the other… I mean what’s the point of sweating for hours at the gym if you’re gonna inhale a bag of chips after, and vice versa. Even though I’m very devoted to my raw philosophy, I share a ton of the same thoughts with these ladies and really want to congratulate them on an amazing and inspirational book.

You can always work on yourself – both mentally and physically – so I’m ready to get going and apply a lot of these tips and exercises to my life (like now, right away). Especially the workout portion since my wedding is around the corner and 6 months away (eek!). Let’s do this. Bodylicious boot camp baby!!

The images above are taking yesterday from Julia‘s place, we talked health and ate her delicious raw coco balls.

What healthy suggestion are you applying to your life from this book today? Buy your copy of Bodylicious! if you have not already and make this the best year yet.

Have a beautiful day everyone. xx

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