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Live in Gothenburg? Well then… you got to try the menu at RawFoodBaren. Delicious choices! Have been there for lunch everyday since I arrived to the city… So happy that someone is finally putting some effort into real good raw food – not too gourmet, not too simple – just perfect. Any chance of opening up in Stockholm soon?


Had a blood orange lately? If so, here is what you got, besides the yummy taste…

  • Vitamin C – immune system bam boost!
  • Folic Acid – also known as Vitamin B9. This guy is super important for forming red blood cells and for a healthy heart. Just one blood orange will give you the daily recommended amount of folic acid.
  • Anthocyanins – this stuff is found in the pigmentation of the juicy fruit and has anti-inflammatory properties. Also good for preventing cancer and diabetes. We like.
  • Calcium – great for health shiny teeth (smile) and those strong bones of yours… This is an essential mineral.
  • Vitamin A – This is a must for the body. Don’t you want healthy skin? Besides that it promotes regular development of skeletal tissue and teeth.

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