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One of the most effective ways to create glowing skin is to eat vegetables and fruits with carotenoids. What are they? Well carotenoids give the red, yellow, and orange fruit/veggies their bright color.

Next is toxins… If you want clear & healthy skin, you got to kick these guys to the curb, which entails cleanings your body of dangerous substances and swapping them for nutrients (oh the key word).

Ok who are the MVPs (Most Important Player), in terms of bodily organs, in charge of the functions for the skin? There are a few – your liver, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, and your large and small intestines. What do they all do? See info below on each one – taken from Dr. Mercola’s site.

  • Your liver and kidneys are the two organs that filter out impurities on an ongoing basis. If your diet is less than ideal, these two organs can easily become overtaxed, which can lead to breakouts and other skin problems.
  • Your adrenals make many essential hormones, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Hormonal imbalances can also result in problematic skin conditions, so adrenal function is important as well.
  • A well-nourished, energetic thyroid also provides hormones and works closely with your adrenals to create energy. Dry, flaky, sluggish skin can be evidence of a weak thyroid.
  • Your small- and large intestines provide nutrients to all your organs and remove waste products from your body. When waste meant for elimination remains in your intestines your skin becomes thick, oily and blemished. Pure, flawless skin is typically a reflection of clean intestines.

So what can you do? In general, you need to focus on an organic, wholefood based way of eating, that includes omega-3 (the good fat). Why? Because they prevent dehydration and keep those skin cells full of moisture. Hello we don’t want those fine lines? You also want to overdose on the veggies! Can never go wrong here. And avoid sugars – but you probably already knew that one 😉


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  • Först och främst, tack för en inspirerande blogg! Vad använder du för hudvårdsprodukter för kropp och ansikte samt deo? Tycker ibland det är svårt att hitta naturliga bra produkter, särskilt deo.

    Sofia 2013-02-11 18:19:00
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