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Sorry for the slim blog posts lately, been spending some time with… myself. Getting everything up and running here in Stockholm. And I’m happy to say that things are going better than expected. Coaching women on their relationship to food, eating healthier, replacing negative thoughts, creating exercise routines, affirmations, loving their bodies, learning new recipes, finding their purpose and so much more. If you want a free 50-minute health consultation visit my website and we’ll schedule you in… I would love to hear from you!

Anyways back to the importance of ”me time.” It’s vital to listen to your intuition and follow your internal voice. If your body says slow down, well then do that! If your gut says go this way, then do that. We all need to get connected with our own guidance system. Yes, you have one too… and yes, it works. You might just have it on mute. I turned up the volume on mine this month and have been devoted to myself – meditating, going to bikram yoga, planning my summer wedding, coaching my ladies, seeing old + new friends, running in the snow, journaling, trying new raw recipes, exploring the city, reading ”Conscious Eating,” etc. – simply doing things that make me happy. What would make you happy? Make some time for yourself this week – even if it’s just an hour.


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