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Alicia Silvertstone svarar på den frågan…

”Many argue that we’re not actually designed to consume much animal flesh. True carnivores, like cheetahs, have razor-sharp teeth and long claws and run as fast as a speeding car. You can’t run that fast and your molars are flat, meant for grinding grains. Yes, we have four vestigial canine teeth, but good luck ripping flesh with them, much less your nails. Our intestines tell a story, too. A carnivore’s intestines are only about 6 feet long, because meat isn’t meant to hang out in the gut forever. Our intestines are 20 feet long; when we eat meat, it takes a full 72 hours to pass through us. That’s 3 days, and your body, my friend, is 98.6 degrees inside! It’s like havng a steak sit out in the hot sun for 3 straight days. Eventually it will start to rot and putrefy. And that’s what’s happening inside of you. You may not feel that process now, but I challenge you to abstain from animal products for a month and then eat some meat. You will feel how heavy and dense it feels in your gut,” (The Kind Diet, page 21).

Finns fler anledningar till varför man inte ska äta kött i The Kind Diet. Rekommenderar verkligen denna boken!


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  • Tack för tipset! Har lyckats missa den boken helt :-)! Kram Sarah

    Sarah Grundén 2013-06-04 20:36:00
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