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YES nu tycker jag att vi kör en giveaway! En rikigt bra dessutom. Du kan vinna ett 14-dagars Tiny Tea paket! Super bra för matsmältningen, energi, magen, etc. Läs mer i intervjuen med deras ambassadör Nat Kringoudis. Jag kommer välja 25 vinnare

Det du behöver göra för att vinna är att svara på denna frågan: Vad är ditt bästa hälsotips?

Intervju med Nat Kringoudis:

1.) Tell us about your story, what brought you down the health path?

I was that girl crippled over on the bathroom floor each month, screaming out from period pain. I was extremely unhealthy, overweight and on the whole a mess.  This somehow motivated me toward natural health care and Traditional Chinese Medicine and eventually lead me to open up my own practice here in Australia.  Once I opened my clinic doors, I had an influx of women needing to get their hormones sorted, and eventually I surrendered to the challenge of being the best I could in the area of women’s wellness.

The clinic grew rapidly; women wanted answers and solutions that they weren’t previously finding about their own hormone situations. They knew their hormones were in urgent need of attention but didn’t know where to start. Over the past two years I decided I had to step up and champion the women’s wellness message before it became an issue rather than needed to fix deep seeded issues.  So nowadays I’m reaching out to women in their early twenties and thirties as a speaker and published author and proud ambassador of your tea, to educate women and allow them to make informed decisions about their health.  I also grew up with a mother who also had a love for alternative medicine – I think the combination of instinctually knowing there had to be a better way and her gentle influence was the deciding factor.

2.) Can you explain the benefits of your popular Tiny Tea and how it works?

Tiny Tea is literally a tonic for your digestive system. If the gut is compromised, no matter how amazing your diet is, you can’t assimilate the nutrients it’s being fed nor fill up the nutrient stores we all draw on from time to time.  So for this reason, tiny tea works so very well because it aids in repairing and maximizing gut function so once again your body can actually utilize the nutrients it’s being fed.  The result isn’t only better digestion, it’s all round wellness since the gut is the pivot of our health.

Our customers report a swag of improvements ranging from clearer skin, balanced moods, right through to increased energy. Influencing the body back to good digestion is paramount.

The ingredients of Tiny Teatox set to work in your body to maximize digestion and how your gut works. From a TCM view point, we refer to the ‘gut’ as the spleen and stomach – and the relationship these two have with each other is what make the magic of digestion happen.  So the stomach is the ‘pit’ that the food arrives into and the spleen is like the organ that assimilates foods, draws out the essentials, sends the nutrients around the body to nourish and heal and the bad out to the bowel as waste.  And when this is all happening smoothly, the body is happy – it assists in keeping our weight in check too – because if the bad is being sent out as waste, toxins can’t build up in our body.

When this system of the body isn’t working properly one of the things we can see is weight gain as well as general fatigue, headaches and constipation or diarrhea. This is because the gut struggles to perform its role – and when we aren’t digesting properly, the body isn’t receiving the nutrients it requires.  This can make us crave all kinds of foods as a means to regain ‘balance’ and restore nutrients within the body.  However, eating the wrong foods will only lead to further damage and weight gain!  This is because your body produces adipose tissue (fat stores) as a way of protecting itself.  In TCM terms this can be referred to as ‘damp’ – much like damp that can sit and become stagnant under your house.  The fat traps in toxins which would otherwise be harmful to you, and literally tucks it out of harms way (your bottom, hips, thigh, stomach and upper arms).  So the fat deposits we see are usually because the liver isn’t doing a good job of breaking down the toxins in the body because it can’t.  And that all starts with your gut – because if your gut function is in all kinds of mayhem, it gets confused between what can be used as nutrients and what should be sent out as waste.

You may have experienced times where you’ve had diarrhea or your bowels have been all over the place – this is because your gut simply didn’t know what to do – and in this confusion, it simply sent it all out as waste.

The ingredients in your tea maximize the inner workings of your gut – meaning they assist the spleen and stomach in this digestion process. So ingredients like Hawthorn Berry help to move food through the body and encourage this assimilation in the gut.  Because the gut likes to function at 37 degrees, tea is the perfect mode of transport – it means there is no effort in warming up the liquid, it gets straight to the organ and gets to work.

3.) How should we navigate amongst the Your Tea options? Any one in particular good for first timers?

Once the digestive system is happy – the whole body aligns. So for this reason I always suggest starting with a 28 day TinyTeatox and then moving onto a more specific tea for your health needs. This certainly increases the overall digestive ability meaning the full benefit of the tea can be delivered. The website also has a clear outline of which tea and why.

The team are always available on email to contact if you’re not sure which tea is right for you as well – they are extremely knowledgeable which is perfect for those first timers.

4.) What is your number one health tip?

Hydrate, no matter what. A well hydrated body works so much more efficiently than that which is depleted.  It means your bodies own cleansing systems work properly, you keep your liver happy, your cells plump, you feel well, you glow and your body loves you for it!  Thankfully, herbal teas go toward your daily count of fluid intake – so it’s win win!


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