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New York


Kris Schoels

Kris Schoels

Kris Schoels

Jag träffade Kris Schoels för ca. 10 år sedan i New York. Vi jobbade inom PR på Fingerprint Communicatons på den tiden. Kris gick senare vidare och skapade sidan Young, Married, Chic och idag är hon en grym pilates instruktör på Manhattan. Hon är även ett härligt retreat i Costa Rica på gång som heter Get Wild – mer info om veckan längre ner.

Här kommer en intressant och inspirerande Raw Clarity intervju med Kris Schoels: 

1.) Tell us about your health journey! How did you end up being The Fit Butler? 
When I graduated from college in Virginia and moved to New York to work in the Fashion PR industry I found that I didn’t really thrive well in that environment. I developed many unhealthy habits to deal with the stress- not eating enough and working out too much being one of them. I started becoming intrigued by weight lifting and how it could change my body- and from there realized that I’d never be able to develop muscle if I wasn’t eating enough. I then took it upon myself to learn as much as possible about fitness and nutrition. Fast forward to about a few years ago, I would always find myself trying out the latest workout, reading books on different dietary plans, or just helping my friends out with their general wellbeing.
Then it hit me recently that this was what I should be doing with my life. I went in for my Pilates certification, started applying to holistic nutrition schools, am now planning fitness retreats, and have never looked back. This is what I should be spending my time on, my true passion.
2.) What is your number one health tip?
Eat enough, eat often, eat real food…. you cannot be in shape without properly fueling your body, nothing good comes from starving yourself
3.) What three food items can always be found in your kitchen?
Avocados, Coconut Oil, Sweet Potatoes…. I make some killer dinner bowls with those and a few more ingredients (salmon, kale, and pumpkin seeds)
4.) What’s hot on the New York health scene right now? 
SLT for a workout- it’s the only reason why I have abs and has seriously changed my body
Bandier’s new amazing store (carry every single workout clothing brand you could ever need) + fitness studio
Matcha everyyyyyyything (green tea)
5.) Tell us about your fitness and detox retreat for women – Get Wild? 
I recently traveled to Nosara, Costa Rica for a solo trip and I returned from there with a sense of peace. My adventure was extremely head clearing. I gained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and wellness from the local people I spent time with, not to mention the incredible workouts I participated in while I was there. Using a bike as my main form of transportation, there was such a simplicity to living in this amazing & stress-free environment.
Being in an all around healthy atmosphere, from the food to the fitness to just being near the beach, I had such an amazing life-changing experience (seriously, I can’t stop talking about it) that it lead me to an idea; to put together a retreat and share it with other women.
I plan on bringing my fitness knowledge to the retreat for workouts that are purely fun, not intimidating, but effective. I’ll be combining the exercise with a customized healthy menu (3 meals a day, 2 snacks…no starving here), that will have everyone leaving the retreat feeling better, healthier, less stressed, and more in tune with their bodies. I can’t wait to share this experience with some incredible women. Find out more about the retreat here
6.) How can we get more inspiration from you? Please share your instagram and webpage with my readers. 
I have recently launched my website + blog The Fit Butler or you can find me over on instagram, typically posting workout moves, healthy recipes, or just general cheekiness at @thefitbutler 

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